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Five of the best travel tweeters

I have been travelling and writing about it for a few years now, but only recently have I joined the twitter travel community to share tips and experiences. It’s a fantastic community to be involved with, truly a global network with some amazing stories, unique perspectives and 24hr support for travellers anywhere. Here are some of the best tweeters I’ve come across so far in my brief time travelling on twitter:

Iain Mallory @MalloryonTravel: Tweets 57k+ / Followers: 10k+ / Listings: 500+

This UK based former member of the Armed Services is a prolific tweeter but always with content that is engaging and informative. Iain gives generously of his time and his vast travel expertise across the various # conversations and via other social platforms.

Matt Long @Landlopers: Tweets 32k+ / Followers: 8.7k+ / Listings: 700+

Matt describes himself as “a typical Gen-X professional who has a passion for all things travel.” Matt too is a regular tweeter, extremely approachable, very chatty and always up for helping fellow travellers with travel advice, tips and ideas based on his own experiences.

Poi and Kirsty @Noplacetobe: Tweets 6k+ / Followers: 2.5k+ / Listings: 280+

Love these guys – actually a girl and a guy with some fantastic perspectives on travel, currently living in Bangkok teaching English and blogging about their adventures around South East Asia. They post regularly about their adventures and about daily life inThailandalways in a fun and engaging way. Follow them!

Lara & Terence @gran_tourismo: Tweets 17k+ / Followers: 4.7 k+ / Listings: 417+

We’re getting into some serious travel territory now. Lara & Terence AKA @gran_tourismo describe themselves as “perpetual globetrotters and authors of some 50 travel guidebooks, countless feature stories, and thousands of hotel and restaurant reviews.” They’ve travelled in more than 60 countries since the late 1980s, and their wealth of knowledge shows it.

Grace Cular Yee @gracenote: Tweets 7k+ / Followers: 5 k+ / Listings: 199+

Grace is a regular feature in the ongoing travel conversation on Twitter – always full of hugs and sunshine, Grace’s insight, knowledge and enthusiasm for travel is up there with the best.

There are so many fantastic travel tweeps out there, and I must make it absolutely clear that the above list is nowhere near exhaustive.

In fact I want to give honourable mention to…..

@SuuperG, @Nomadicchick, Marilyn Terrell (@marilyn_res@natgeotraveler@thebigmozey also @Intrepidtravel, @Statravelau and of course @lonelyplanet

….. for making my first few weeks of travel talk on twitter such a great experience.

Who are your favourite travel tweeters?



4 thoughts on “Five of the best travel tweeters

  1. Thanks very much for including us! Means a lot 🙂

    Posted by Poi | September 26, 2011, 8:40 pm
  2. Well, I don’t only tweet travel, but if you love travel, chocolate and writing, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the tweets at http://twitter.com/wizardofwords. Come follow & join the discussion!

    Other travel tweeters I love are:
    @Journeywoman , @quirkytraveller & @JeffTitelius . All fabulous and supportive!


    Posted by Doreen Pendgracs | September 27, 2011, 4:34 am
  3. I follow a few of the above, but clearly I need to update my list some.

    My favorites would be @nicoletravelbug, @thetone, @nomadicsamuel, and @holachicatravel

    Posted by Aussie on the Road | October 7, 2011, 2:32 pm

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