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OZ Tourism Focus on China, India

19/10/11: China and India remain the focus for Australian tourism chiefs, with the point further reinforced at last week’s Australian Tourism Directions Confererence. The event, organised by Tourism Australia and now in its second year brought together an impressive line up of tourism, government and business leaders to report on the state of Australian tourism … Continue reading

Google Earth: One World. Many Stories.

10/10/11: Google‘s prized real estate – the white space on the home page – which last week carried a one line tribute to Steve Jobs, links today to the news that Google Earth is celebrating (incredibly) its one BILLIONTH download. Google Earth (I’m proud to say an Australian innovation) is a fantastic tool for the … Continue reading

Best view in the, um, Universe?

The stunning landscape of Chile’s Atacama desert in the Norte Grande is now home to one of the best views in, well, the Universe. The world’s biggest astronomy project – the Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array (ALMA) – has set up a powerful new telescope which can see millions of light years into the coldest, darkest … Continue reading

Photo: View at Mt Bromo, Java

Aussies’ top flight partner revealed

28/09/11: Virgin Chairman Richard Branson has been named in a new survey among 1000 of Expedia’s Australian Facebook users as the number one celeb they would most like to sit next to on a flight. With 15 per cent of the vote, Branson beat off competition from US President Barack Obama and Johnny Depp (both … Continue reading

Expert advice on travel writing

The web has some fantastic advice and resources for aspiring travel bloggers and travel writers. Joining the travel community on Twitter is a fast and rewarding way to access one of the internet’s most engaged and enthusiastic groups – try searching on the #TTOT (travel talk on twitter) hashtag, and you’ll see what I mean. … Continue reading

Five of the best travel tweeters

I have been travelling and writing about it for a few years now, but only recently have I joined the twitter travel community to share tips and experiences. It’s a fantastic community to be involved with, truly a global network with some amazing stories, unique perspectives and 24hr support for travellers anywhere. Here are some … Continue reading

Photo: Seagull at Circular Quay, Sydney

Have you packed this essential travel kit?

No matter how much you prepare, you’ll always find that when you eventually get down to the business of travelling there will be something you absolutely wish you’d thought of packing for your journey. Luckily, in most cases, you’ll find what you need while you’re on the road. Here’s a few items I’ve picked up … Continue reading

Camel’s milk ice cream?

20/09/11: Ice cream made from camel’s milk is set to go on sale in the UK for £4 a scoop. The dessert, which is already popular in the Middle East, is the brainchild of UK company Ginger’s Comfort Emporium (@GingersComfort) and will be unveiled in London next month at the Experimental Food Society Spectacular. It’s a healthy … Continue reading

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